Christina Pallis Bio

Christina Pallis Short Bio

Christina Is A 25 years old upcoming singer. Born June 18 1987.

She was showcased on such tracks as : “Better Days” ,” The Way” and “The Light”, all from “The Deep End” and also heard on “All So Fine” from “The ASAP Tape”

With Other features are from:

Goodsin – pages and wages
Beamin – the ride

Christina also has drop a few singles from her upcoming project “Sweet Nothing’s”


-”over it”
featuring SEV of Dyme def
Produced by d.sane

-”my love”
Featuring PetaTosh
Produced by Brainstorm of Dyme def

-”fatal attraction”
Featuring Beamin
Produced by brainstorm of Dyme def

And Look Out For Future features From:
Rich Blake – stay on my grind
Tre8 – Champagne
Syko – Keep on
SK – outro
Popsykle/Mistahfab – thank you
John Crown – …..
J. Reed – I miss you
Mic Phenom – yellow brick road